We, at BlockXLabs, are interested in complicated integrations and in the last few months, we’ve had an opportunity to integrate Polkadot into the THORChain network.

What is THORChain;

Instead of paraphrasing it please watch this video about THORChain.

What is Polkadot;

Polkadot does not need integration, but here is one of my favourite introductions to Polkadot & DOTs.

What We’re doing;

We are adding DOT as one of the pools on THORChain so that users can trade DOT ← → BTC, DOT ← → BNB, DOT ← → ETH, DOT ← → RUNE pairs. …

Recently BlockX Labs receive a grant from MolochDAO to build a front end for Argent Labs Hopper contract. This project consisted of research and work from HarryR (ethsnarks), members from the Argent team, and of course us.

What and Why is a Mixer?

A mixer’s job is to take the funds from one account and transfer it to another account while maintaining larger anonymity than just a straight transfer. This is a pretty easy concept when you build this from a centralized platform. …

By: Jesse Abramowitz

A few weeks ago an interesting attack was taking place on the Polkadot test network. The attack was so interesting and fascinatingly unique to Polkadot that I had to write about it. Before you panic, take comfort in the fact that it has been handled and will not be an issue anymore.


I am going to tell this like a chronological story, although I do find stories are the most interesting when you start at the end and jump to the beginning (periodically checking into the end every now and again).

At BlockX Labs we have…

By: Jesse Abramowitz, Blockchain Developer

One of the great promises of the Polkadot network is interconnectivity. For Polkadot interconnectivity doesn’t merely mean that each chain can talk to each other, but also that developers can easily develop on multiple chains.

Specifically I am referring to Polkadot.js. A JS library that connects you to a specific blockchain. This Library for the most part is one size fits all for each parachain, so as an application developer I don’t need to learn a whole new library for each parachain I just need the one library to rule them all.

However, as with…

By: Jesse Abramowitz
Blockchain Developer

Our fondness for Polkadot and Substrate is an open secret here at BlockX Labs. To date, we now have delivered 2 web based applications for the ecosystem and are planning on developing more. In the meantime, I thought this would be a great opportunity to write about our experiences building on Polkadot and how you can as well. A lot of things need to be built and the more people building the better it is for this ecosystem long term.

First things first, if you have never touched Polkadot, I recommend reading their whitepaper here

By: Jesse Abramowitz
Blockchain Developer

This was by far the hardest but most satisfyingly technical challenge I had while integrating our Universal Faucet. Everything we do is testnet so we aren’t too careful about understanding the ins and outs of all the blockchains.

Whenever we decide on integrating a wallet, we kind of just figure out how to integrate and go. We don’t have any formal processes.

This one was a liiiiiiittle different.

So the story goes: I had integrated pretty fast. I went on their discord to ask for tokens. …

By: Jesse Abramowitz
Blockchain Developer

A little over a week ago, Parity Ink was released and substrate was updated to handle smart contracts! After much excitement we are now able to get our hands wet with some rust smart contracts on Substrate!

Quickly after that an amazing Demo was released here by shawntabrizi and can be found here. There are some great demos and examples in there and I totally recommend going through them and trying them out for yourself.

After going through Shawntabrizi’s Demo, I was hungry for more so I decided to create my own contracts, write unit…

By: Jesse Abramowitz
Blockchain Developer

We at BlockX Labs have been working very hard at completing version 1 of Enzyme. About a month ago, it was announced that we became recipients for a grant from the Web3 Foundation to build Enzyme for Polkadot.

If that paragraph was confusing, that is okay; let’s break it down.

Web3 Foundation

Founded by Dr Gavin Wood and Peter Czaban, the Web3 foundation’s goal is to help support the move from our current web2 world into web3.


Polkadot is a new blockchain being built by both Parity technologies and the Web3 Foundation. It aims to solve scalability…

By: Jesse Abramowitz
Blockchain Developer

Exploring blockchains has been a blast for me in the journey of integrating them into and growing the universal faucet. I get to read a little about them see how they handle cryptography, read their documentation and then apply that knowledge.

I understand blockchains and their use cases by categorizing elements of their technology. This allows faster understanding and decreases ‘time to productivity’. Stellar falls into the category of blockchains where accounts don’t exist but need to be created. This increases the complexity of integration for application developers.

Stellar’s goals are ambitious and it should…

BlockX Labs

BlockX Labs builds developer tools for blockchain ecosystems. We also focus on building solutions for private/public blockchains. More info @ www.blockxlabs.com

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