BlockX Labs Goes Universal

By: Jesse Abramowitz
Blockchain Developer

That’s right, we’re going universal!

Unfortunately, this does not mean I get to pack my bags and travel the world. Even though we deal with clients from around the globe this is not what it refers to.

No we did not strike a deal with Elon Musk. Sigh.

Who we are

We at BlockX Labs are a developer shop that builds developer tools for blockchains. It is our goal to make developers lives easy so they can go out and build amazing applications that change the world.

What the title refers to is a methodology for how we build our tools. Obvs.

Firstly, let us understand the current landscape of the blockchain world. There is a dominant blockchain when it comes to building applications and that is Ethereum by far. There are also other blockchains are starting to show some serious promise and are looking to take that market share away.

This means we have developers who have to build applications. Devs have to find and learn how to use a new set of tools everytime they move between blockchains. We feel that moving between blockchains should be a painless and seamless experience.

It is not our job to judge, as long as you are decentralized and secure you are alright in our books. Our job…..wait no our Mission is to support blockchain developers in their pursuits to make the world better.

That being said we came up with this idea, a blockchain tool that is universal, where blockchain developers from multiple platforms can use it and get equal benefit.

This is why we built a Universal Test Token Faucet.


Although largely overlooked, Faucets are integral to a developer ecosystem for a blockchain. They provide a free staging and testing area for projects. Since every transaction costs money on a blockchain, blockchains create test networks where there is no real value and they freely give out those tokens in a test faucet.

These can sometimes be very hard to find and more often broken. So we decided to on this task. We set out to create a one stop shop for blockchain developers to get these tokens.

Currently we support 2 Blockchains, 3 Networks, and 4 coins/tokens.

We are constantly looking for blockchains to add to our Universal Test Faucet.

Give us a try here let me know what you think, what blockchains we should add etc. in the comments or email me at:

BlockX Labs builds developer tools for blockchain ecosystems. We also focus on building solutions for private/public blockchains. More info @

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