Highlights from AionEx Toronto — May 2, 2018

By: Laura Marissa Cullell
Senior Blockchain Consultant

Yesterday, BlockX Labs attended AionEx Toronto 2018, hosted by the Aion Network at The Design Exchange in Toronto. This event featured technical discussions and talks on the impact of a common inter operable protocol by blockchain thought leaders and engineers from Aion and across the industry.

Check out our highlights from our Twitter below.

1. Aion Architecture & Roadmap — Yao Sun of Aion Network

“With the launch of Kilimanjaro Network, Aion sets the foundation for blockchain interoperability. The Aion Token Bridge is built for transferring AION (ERC-20) tokens on Ethereum to flow seamlessly into and become native AION coins.”

2. Innovating within old Paradigms, Jeff Pulver of Alchemist

Image Courtesy of: Blockcast Media

“If you’re going to be disruptive, stay out of the regulator box…I strongly encourage you as a entrepreneur to gain a hold of your mind…to understand the balance of your soul and your head.”— Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver encouraged innovators to dream and fight against incumbents to incite positive change was inspiring. Embracing misfits is a great first step to innovation, and where magic can truly happen.

3. Bridge to Ethereum with Yao Sun and Ross Kitsis of Aion

4. Interoperability Panel with Ameer Rosic Blockgeeks, Matt Spoke — Aion, Min Kim ICON, Gregory Markou of ChainSafe

“IDs are extremely important…the securities ID is the most rigorous and a lot of companies want that level of security when it comes to customer ID. Independent blockchains that have all of this data, we are trying to see how it all ties together.”

“We try to remind ourselves and community that it is a very long road to mainstream. The analogy of where we are in terms of the internet: we are still at this base level of testing…we need to allow the tech to mature and allow the teams to keep testing” — Matt Spoke, Aion

“I do think at some point we are going to realize that the security paradigm of private backed networks will outshine enterprise networks. That difference in trust will be so obvious that it will be difficult to not use cryptocurrency systems” — Matt Spoke, Aion

“Adoption is the key metric that we are all focusing on and that has to come from creating great software, that’s the metric of success for interoperability….we should keep with what problems it solves today” — Matt Spoke, Aion

5. Velocia Building on Aion — Reza Azimi, CTO of Blanc Labs

“Velocia is a unified platform that allows for all forms of mobility to be created and deployed onto a single platform. In today’s urban lifestyle, mobility can be very complex. We wanted to have the ability to reach out to different networks under a unified umbrella, that’s where we need Aion’s approach to interoperability.” — Reza Azimi on why he chose Aion

6. Scaling Blockchain Execution — VM and Contract Languages — Yulong Wu & Roman Katerinenko, Aion

“We reduced the cost for computation, around 3 -5x times cheaper. We increased the block energy needed so that we can process more transactions in one block” — Yulong Wu

“When building blockchain applications it is important that all the nodes on the blockchain always agree on the result of computation…we want to attract devs from the world of Java and others to use our network” — Roman Katerinenko

7. Panel: Building Aion’s Ecosystem — Patrick Mandic Aion, Mathieu Glade Northern Block, Yakeen Prabdial Fifth 9, Hamid Akbari Velocia, Aidan Hyman ChainSafe, Mathew Wilson Centrys, Dr.Jiang Wang MatrixOne

“We want to collaborate with Aion because the building the bridge is the first step” — Aidan Hyman, Chainsafe

“Aion is about solving interoperability within networks. We are building communities but we don’t want to do it alone. We need to connect to other chains. Blockchain has significant capacity to incentivize motivation…it’s about the vision” — Hamid Akbari

“The blockchain community is open-sourced, and there is value in building Dapps and building with Aion directly which has given us a great edge when building solutions because we get immediate feedback which reduces friction in their experiences.”

“Know what it is you’re looking for because there is so much you can do with @Aion_Network. I would focus on the team because those are the people who will be answering your calls.” — Aidan Hyman, ChainSafe

8.Aion Kilimanjaro Implementation — Alexandra Roatis, Ross Kitsis, Avet Kachoyan, and Chris Lin. Aion

“The first difference is in the solution size: we’ve increased it to 64 bytes. What’s we’ve gained in doubled hash, increased the number of collisions that you need to find per step, and we’ve doubled the memory usage” — Ross Kitsis on Equihash and the Aion Network

“We can design different type of versions, we can easily add on the new features and new modules.” — Chris Lim discussing the Wire P2P Protocol

“Hashing is very import in the whole blockchain ecosystem and touches on many parts of the implementation which is used in Equihash so faster is better. “ — Alexandra Roatis discussing Database, Cryptography & Security

“Databases should not be a bottleneck for Blockchain, it should be easily extendible. — Avet Kachoyan

9. Aion Hardware Community: Equihash FPGA -Earl Mai, ePIC Blockchain Technologies

Image Courtesy of Scott Howard, ePIC Blockchain

“We want people to understand that there is a hardware issue in the space as well. We want devs to tells us what their needs are so we can accelerate that. ePIC is application specific, is up to 10x more power efficient and has unmatched performance. If you have more hardware you can solve your problems faster and more efficiently.”

“Currently we have one core on our dev kit back in the lab and if you take all of the numbers our design is 0.3 watts. We are ahead of the curve…we are trying to make a scalable design no matter how big or small. For 50 dollars you can get yourself a board, as long as you have a desire and a passion to get involved in the hardware. Our goal is to design not to mine…”

“If you can create hardware that is created for blockchain you can decrease the power use drastically. Our goal is to drive those numbers down as best we can.” — Earl Mai

10. Presentation on APIs, Java, Web3 — Jay Tseng and Ali Sharif, Aion

“If you are building a Dapp like application in a language that isn’t Java, then you would most likely use JSON RPC. It’s a very simple interface.If you have a Java client, you use Java API” — Ali Sharif

11. Panel: Blockchain Interoperability for Business — Kesem Frank, Aion, John Lee, TMX Group, George Small, MOOG, Soumak Chatterjee, Deloitte

“We were fortunate to be close to the genesis of what became Nuco and Aion for a long time, so when they started a business it was easy for us to want to do something together” — Soumak Chatterjee, Deloitte

“For blockchain to thrive, it’s about consortium building, it’s something that will be a mix of large, small, and startup companies. We are deliberately targeting a space where there is no acceptable solution, it’s a question of who else is interested in this” -George Small, MOOG

12. Migrating Dapps onto the Aion Network — Shidokht and Kimberly Luu, Aion

Image Courtesy of Richa V

“Three steps to migrate a Dapp onto Aion: 1. Compile contract, 2. Unlock the account and 3. do the actual deploying” — Shidokht, Migrating DApps

13. Incentivizing Engagement — Kesem Frank, Aion

“A good network is ever expanding and it’s that platform that differentiates itself from others. When you move from a platform to a network you need to start thinking about ecosystems, and think exponentially” — Kesem Frank

Kesem then unveiled 3 new programs for the Aion Network: Bounties, Grants, and Aion Ventures stating:

“We want to engage the community and ask them “what is it that you can help us solve? If you are a startup co with a new product and you can leverage anything this tech does, talk to us.”

He concluded his talk on a positive note, urging the community to get involved:

“Don’t give up. We are here to help. If you think there is a good fit, we are here to have these conversations. Live Now! Is the bounties program with specific tasks. Anyone interested in furthering the community, check it out.”

14. Closing Remarks — Kesem Frank, Matt Spoke and Aion Team

Image Courtesy of Shyft Network

Thank-you so much to the Aion team and volunteers for planning and hosting such an amazing event and bringing the community together. Hopefully this turns into an annual event!

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