Highlights from the 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference Toronto — April 24, 2018

By: Laura Marissa Cullell
Senior Blockchain Consultant

Yesterday, BlockX Labs attended the 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference Toronto, sponsored by FinTech Worldwide. It was an informative, jam-packed day of keynotes, company pitches, and interesting panels. This Conference also provided a wonderful opportunity to network and reconnect with fellow industry professionals, and see what the Toronto blockchain space has to offer. Check out our highlights from our Twitter below.

1. Blockchain Trends 2018 and beyond Panel with Paul Liu, Richard Boire, Eric So, Mukhtar Mussabetov, moderated by Amy ter Haar

“Toronto and Canada is a leader in the space especially with Ethereum… We are not going to be able to predict who are winners are but we’re seeing interesting companies with great ideas” — Eric So

“Blockchain in the coming years needs to address scalability problems to make it fast enough for enterprise use” — Paul Liu

“We can learn a lot from history: I think if anything, we have an interesting cross section of regulation and human sentiment…from the dot com boom to the cannabis industry, you had early money and a consolidation in the industry…” — Eric So

2. “Linking the world of tomorrow with the world of today…,” Celebrating the opening of the NEO market

NEO Exchange made history and celebrated the lauch of Ether Capital in the public market on NEO, trading under the symbol ETHC. Ether Capital is a Toronto-based technology company whose objective is to become the central business and investment hub for the Ethereum ecosystem.

“We at NEO understand the challenges of pioneering in a new industry… We started trading 3 days ago and have already seen great liquidity of over 600,000 shares per day” says Jos Schmitt, president and CEO of NEO.

3. Ether Capital: Investing in Industry-shifting disruptive technologies with Ben Roberts, CEO of Ether Capital, Michael Conn and OMERS Ventures CEO John Ruffolo. Moderated by Jos Schmitt

“There are 94% of decentralized applications are built on Ethereum, that’s why we’re believe that it’s the platform that is winning…” — Michael Conn, CEO of Ether Capital

“We’re looking to be transparent. It’s an opaque market and we wanted people to see value on us as a team.” — Michael Conn on why they steered away from ICOs

“You raising money through improper channels is going to be bad for you but it be worse for your users.” John Ruffolo, OMERS Ventures

“Just because you can build it doesn’t mean you should. Now that we’re starting to realize that everything is possible… Having new tech innovations to keep bad behaviour at bay is a positive.” John Ruffolo, OMERS Ventures

“There are a few ways of creating stable coins: 1. Generating value through smart contracts 2. To create decentralized coins and asset stability through MakerDAO where everyone would claim ownership on the collateral and stability.”

4. Panel: ICOs: The Good, the Bad and The Dangerous with Daniel Cawrey, Aaron Grinhaus Emily Ka Yi Sit, Kesem Frank from AION Network

“If someone cannot explain what the utility of the coin is, my advice is to walk away…” — Kesem Frank, AION Network

“A utility token is something you can use. To build it to the point of utility, the ballpark mark should be 500k.” — Aaron Grinhaus on why you should not raise 100 million in an ICO

“If we ever have a sincere hope to compete, we kind of need to think big.” — Kesem Frank, AION Network

“Competition is not between Blockchain A vs Blockchain B, but the Competition is between Blockchain A-B-C vs the Microsoft-SAP-Oracles.” — Kesem Frank, AION Network

5. Keynote Yannick Laplante-D discussing AChain

6. Keynote: Lui Carranza Discussing Census

The Census project aims to unlock the value of data by making it easier convert data into something you can spend. Census would like to give people control of when and how they are compensated for data. They allow users to earn CEN tokens by leveraging data that you already own via mobile app, browser plug-in, IoT device, Smart TV or upload directly to the marketplace. Census works directly with buyers to ensure that only the most valuable data enters the market.

7. Company Intros I: Paul Heirendt, BLOCK id

BLOCK id provides Digital Identity Management & Security to consumers for their sensitive information and smart contracts.

8. Mohamed El Kandri, CEO of Fast Access Blockchain

FAB is a complete solution for constructing a practical public blockchain eco-system with high scalability, effective security, reliability, decentralization and the flexibility to develop multiple application types. It will allow for potentially up to 1 million transactions per second.

9. Panel: Regulation Update with Addison Cameron Huff Decentral, Geoffrey Cher of Wildlaw, Christine Duhaime, Chetan Phull, Smartblock Law

“Security vs utility are not completely exclusive.” — Chetan Phull, Smartblock Law

10. Keynote: Samuel Peralta, Cobalt Blockchain

Cobalt is reengineering financial markets. Harnessing the potential of distributed ledger technology, Cobalt delivers a private network that significantly reduces post-trade cost and risk for financial market participants.

11. Panel: Insider’s Guide To Successful ICOs with Daniel Cawrey, Emily Ka Yi Sit FA Enterprise Systems, Moe Adham of Bitaccess, Karla Vilhelem representing Ambi Financial and Cryptochicks

“When you are doing an ICO, you want to protect your investors and funds.” — Karla Vilhelem of AmbiFinancial and Crypto Chicks

12. Keynote: Terry Igharoro of Inventory Club

Inventory Club seeks to build the world’s first peer-to-peer inventory finance marketplace to connect Commonwealth merchants with a global membership of financial backers.

13. Blockchain VC Panel with Brett Noyes, Nabeela Merchant, Prashant Matta and Alex Tong

“Blockchain isn’t magic and that applies to companies that pitch a project on Blockchain. If it can’t be explained simply, then there isn’t enough infrastructure” — Nabeela Merchant, Relay Ventures

14. Company Intros II: Chinmay Patel, CEO of BlockX Labs

BlockX Labs works with startups and enterprises to conceptualize their ideas and see the project through. We do it by building products and new business opportunities for our clients.

We have developed a Blockchain UX Workshop based on a proven design sprint methodology. It’s the best way to conceptualize and view the project requirements before you start the project.

Blockchain Development Workshops allow for a unique flow to provide a full understanding of the problem before you write a single line of code. It gives clients a good idea of what the project is before you determine the next 3 steps.

Kim Parnell, .Blank

Blank is radical new way of constructing apps. Just describe what you need your app to do. Your wishes are then magically translated into a real app with a spectacular UX. Powerful apps can be created in minutes by anyone.

Brian Platz, Co-CEO of Fluree

Fluree is a scalable blockchain database that combines enterprise capability with blockchain proof and security.

14. Keynote: Terry Shane, Founder of bIOTAsphere 100 Billion Reasons why…not to be on blockchain

“One of the great things about IOTA is remaining in control of your personal data”

You can check out his talk here.

15. Company Intros III: Julien Bouteloup, Flying Carpet Network

Flying Carpet Network is a P2P Decentralised Autonomous Transportation Network that everyone can use, no one can control or shut it down. Powered by Ethereum Blockchain, with fancy state channels, VR & AI.

Stephan Katanic, Coinbio Exchange

John Warmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Tip Blockchain

Tip is a Third Generation Blockchain that connects users over peer to peer networks, and merchants with payment solutions, making it easier than ever to transact using cryptocurrency. With Tip Blockchain, users and businesses can register usernames which can then be searched and discovered by other users. They will then be able to transact in a fast, easy and user-friendly ways. Tip Blockchain enables ease of use by discovery on the blockchain.

Scott Larson, CEO of Helios Wire

Helios is democratizing IoT to make blockchain technology accessible, secure and affordable for small, medium, and large organizations, worldwide.

Eunika Sot, COO of Yuser Inc.

Kit Harrison, CEO of Green Power Exchange

GPX is a blockchain based P2P Energy Trading Platform where producers can easily pre-sell their power at a better rate while allowing consumers to buy their power directly for significantly less.

A big shout-out and sincere thank-you goes to Brett Noyes and all of the event organizers and volunteers for such a wonderful event! Thank-you for letting BlockX Labs be a part of it! We are looking forward to next year!

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