THORChain and Polkadot Integration — Update 001

We, at BlockXLabs, are interested in complicated integrations and in the last few months, we’ve had an opportunity to integrate Polkadot into the THORChain network.

What is THORChain;

Instead of paraphrasing it please watch this video about THORChain.

What is Polkadot;

Polkadot does not need integration, but here is one of my favourite introductions to Polkadot & DOTs.

What We’re doing;

We are adding DOT as one of the pools on THORChain so that users can trade DOT ← → BTC, DOT ← → BNB, DOT ← → ETH, DOT ← → RUNE pairs. In addition, DOT can be swapped for any supported ERC20 token and BNB based tokens, and vice versa.

We have been working closely with the welcoming teams from both the THORChain and Polkadot Community. We are in the middle of the integration but, check out the video and slides below for the updates.

BlockXLabs THORChain Polkadot Integration 001 Video
BlockXLabs THORChain Polkadot Integration 001 Slides

This initial PoC required several pieces to the Thornode project a Polkadot client on the Bifrost. This is used to interact with the Polkadot chain. Thornode also need a way to parse a transactions with memos. In Polkadot we are using a utility.batch transaction in order to send transactions with _remarks. Thornode also needed to able to generate Polkadot vault address information as part of the inbound_addresses endpoint. We are also adding E2E tests to Heimdall to add DOT pools. On the Asgard Exchangem, we started to add polkadot-js client to see if we can start seeing the pool in the UI/UX.

Signing. Investigate how we would sign transactions using THORChain using a ed25519 account keys.

E2E Heimdall Testing. We are running into issues with events mismatching.

Unit Testing. Modifying the unit tests to fit polkadot client and scanner.

We are welcome to feedback and comments please reach out to us at

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